Our Story

Making Things Possible with Technology

Grameenphone began its journey on 26th March, 1997 to empower the rural population of Bangladesh with the connectivity of network. Over the years, the technology and infrastructure had changed but Grameenphone’s commitment towards empowering societies still remains the same.

This is because at Grameenphone, we believe that using the power of technology, we can enable people into making anything possible. We can help them realize their dreams.

We have set up the highest number of 4G towers in Bangladesh to ensure the fastest and the widest internet coverage in the country. This was done in order to solve real problems that people are facing every day. Our networking building effort does not stop there, we have initiated Deep Sea Network to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable communities like fishermen for whom finding a network in the middle of sea can literally save lives. This is how we want to progress, growing along with the community with the power of 4G.

Internet is power, and great power comes with even greater responsibility. So, we are playing our part in ensuring a safer online experience for children with ‘Child Online Safety’ initiative. For the people, we are bringing IoT in order infuse technological solutions to make our lives more convenient. For the future, we are actively driving development in the digital ecosystem by assisting, mentoring, and equipping budding startups with ‘Grameenphone Accelerator’. And for all our customers, we have MyGP, the best self-service application which gives the customer full control of how they want to use their Grameenphone services. We are offering this and much more by constantly upgrading and bringing innovations to your palms.